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Scooby Doo Mystery Machine - Vehicle Overview

The Mystery Machine was the main transportation of Mystery Inc, taking Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo on their ghostly adventures all over the world. Fred was the owner, very attached to it and drove most of the time.

Our Mystery Machine is a fun vehicle and needs no real introduction whatever age you are. Where ever you are in the world you must have heard and seen Scooby Doo. Its timeless.

Our Mystery Machine not only looks great fun on the outside its even more fun inside. It’s fitted out with U shape seating in the back with all the fun of disco lights, music and TV.A Soft toy Scooby Doo is included so you can cuddle him for as long as you like and even tease him with Scooby Snacks on the way!

Imagine the Mystery Machine transporting the younger guests at your wedding such as Flower girls, Page Boys, etc. They are going to have a great time travelling with us in the Mystery Machine and ease the stress of the day on their parents.

It is also ideal for those who have a larger number of wedding guests and will provide some great amusement for Ushers, Best Men, Bridesmaids, Parents and other important wedding guests who you may need to arrange transport for before or after the ceremony. * Please note we can only carry up to 6 adult passengers in the Mystery Machine as weight restrictions apply. If the main passengers are children speak to us further as we may be able to carry more.

Whatever your transport needs or questions on the Mystery Machine please just call and email us and ask.

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